Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Shorts Appeal

T-shirt - £15 - Topshop, leather shorts - £68 - Topshop, watch - Casio - £22, sandals - old - New Look

These photos make me realise how much I need to buy myself a decent camera, but then I can't afford to buy new clothes and I'd have nothing to blog about! Vicious cycle.

I've been eyeing up these leather shorts for a while, but they kept selling out and I couldn't quite commit to the price tag. However yesterday I discovered an unworn shirt and jumper from Topshop in the back of my wardrobe - I bought them in London some time ago and just couldn't quite get them to look right on me. Receiptless, but exchangable - these shorts felt effectively free, and were just enough to satisfy my impossible last week of the month shopping craving. I'm not 100% on the flattery of them on the slightly more shapely thigh - but I'm thinking with black opaques I can just about pull them off.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you didnt pay £68! i got them for £38. (im pretty sure there the same although yours do look a tad softer)
    anyway after seeing this post I just had to get them. There exacly what i've being looking for and they fit perfect! Yours fit alot better than mine tho..