Sunday, 12 September 2010

Outfit of the week

I ordered this Mango skater dress from ASOS a couple of weeks ago now. It looked so amazing on the model, so I was skeptical to say the least about how it would fit a somewhat rounder figure, but I love it! The colour is just right, and it works styled up with military boots and leather just as well as it does with the new ASOS wooden platforms, as seen here.

And now I ask for your opinion... I, as I'm sure you do, love to read blogs such as WhereDidUGetThat and Style Scrapbook and 5 inches and up, which use beautiful and inspiring photography to punctuate and illustrate their blog posts. Much as I adore to pore over these images, I find them a little unattainable and aspirational. I wanted to know what readers of both my, and other blogs think about the styles of photography used. Mine are more often than not a quick shot taken with my iPhone in a fitting room, or as I'm about to run out of the door to work. Whilst I feel this is perhaps a point of difference and makes yourfittingroom a more realistic blog, I am considering trying to use more 'professional' photographing methods! What do you think? xxx


  1. firstly-love the dress, and the way you've styled it, it's stunning!
    secondly-I was exactly the same with my blog, I always took a photo in my mirror because I'm crap at photography! I always get intimidated by blogs that have incredible pictures, even though I love them, I always think, when do these people find the time to do this!?! However now I have tried to make my pics a little slicker-it is hard work, I have to get someone to take the pics, or balance the camera on something (the Boy's parents gave me a tripod for my birthday-YAY!) and then I edit them, which takes me ages as I'm crap with technology. But I think overall they look better for it, it is so much blimming effort though!
    I think your blog is fab and will continue checking it out whatever happens with your pics. I love the fitting room shots-they're real!
    We have really similar style as well I think, everything you wear I always think, ooh, I'd wear that!

  2. I really like the way you do your outfit posts as their honest. some people spend hours setting up a photo for a daily outfit posting, wear the outfit and then change straight afterwards. your obviously living your life and showing exactly what your wearing, how many people have time in the morning to set up a photoshoot? you say your blog is real fashion for real people, and thats exactly what it is. not staging an outfit but wearing it! i think the way you post your outfits are good :) but doing them more professional wont harm either, as long as its the same concept!

    i realise this is a really long comment ha

    Lowri X

    by the way, LOVE your outfit!

  3. i think that you have a lovely blog and i enjoy the "quick shots" because they are realistic and not posed. although, i do love looking at the pics that those bloggers use as well! i, personally, think a mixture of both would make for a great blog!