Thursday, 26 August 2010

Random tryings on

I had to model my new boots today. I traipsed round Brighton in them all day and they were mostly comfortable - nothing a little wearing in won't solve! I was on a mission today to find two outfits; one for a friend's birthday cocktails and one for my boyfriend's friend's 30th. Preferably an outfit that worked for both. But all I could find was knitwear as far as the eye could see. Topshop is knitwear floor to ceiling. H&M? Knitwear. Zara? Yes, knitwear. I was most disappointed.
I did manage to find a beautiful 'midi' length floral dress from Zara. Not really my style, definitely not right for either party, but a consideration all the same. And I'm loving the black skater skirt with the cream lace top in the second photo, but thinking that's a little more office appropriate. Please, any ideas?!
Top photo was an outfit possibility for a thai dinner with a girlfriend. Topshop jeans and shirt, Primark shoes and Whistles leather jacket. Bottom was today's outfit. Old Zara dress, old Topshop mac and NEW BOOTS!
Sorry for the random blathering, I'm half focused on this whilst watching Eastenders out of the corner of my eye.


  1. where is the skater skirt from? x

  2. love the first outfit, especially the yellow top and shoes!