Friday, 20 August 2010

Finally some time to try things on...

I was hoping I wouldn't like any of these items. But no, it was one of those days when you grab random stuff, you try it on, you want it all, but you have no money. Thankfully payday isn't TOO far away. What items are on your wish list for purchasing at the end of the month?

From top: Crochet/lace top - £39.99 - Zara, navy trousers - £39.99 - Zara, tan trousers - £95 - Whistles, two tone dress - £39.99 - Zara, black skater dress - £79.99 - Zara, black sandals - £6 - New Look.


  1. love the second look! that lace top is gorgeous!

  2. Isn't it?! Hope it doesn't sell out in the next ten days!

    Thanks for your comment hun!

  3. yeah i need a good pair of flats! I wish my job required me to wear heels. again when I have a placement i will wear them. working in a shop constantly up a stool and walking around i just couldn't do it x

    p.s the skater dress is lovely but maybe not for £79.99! I have the navy trousers but for some reason I need a skinny day for them lol and a again a shoe issue is going on with trousers for me xx

  4. I love the lace shirt! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)