Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Most Wanted

Silk military shirt - £45 - Topshop

Next on my hit list for the coming season is this beautiful, simple silk military shirt. This Topshop incarnation is affordable and so Chloe. Have a look how Topshop themselves have styled it here. No doubt I'll be picking up the Whistles version so I can wear it to work. I can't get the image uploaded on the post, but get some inspiration here. Personally I'm desperate to put it with some camel tailored trousers, a tan belt and a satchel bag. So chic. When I get hold of that outfit, I'll be sure to post it!


  1. I'm after this silk shirt too! working at whistles must be great. What do you do?

    Yes I believe they are the ones sienna was wearing and yup its polyvore easy to set up but I dont think they have a great selection of images on the site


  2. Well your images were pretty good! I was trawling through it earlier, but couldn't find any high street stuff. Tried the filter but couldn't figure out how to make it work - so dim.
    I'm supervisor at Whistles. I'm hoping to work my way into Head Office. What do you do hun? x

  3. I'm at uni studying Events Management but on a placement year but having no luck finding a placement. Ideally id love to work at a head office doing PR and Events in fashion but I live in yorkshire and finding it hard just to find any paid placement anywhere.

    well i saved it then went back to my account and just saved the image then uploaded it on my blog like a normal photo.

    I hope this helps, i'm no good at explaining x

  4. gorgeous military shirt!!!
    nice blog, xoxo

  5. Beautiful! Thank you for your kind words!

    juliet xxx

  6. I love this blouse too - and the way you want to pair it sounds perfect x