Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Knits, Fur and Leather

Fairisle knit - £13 - Primark, tan belt - £28 - Whistles, leopard print bag - £40 - Topshop, leather panel leggings - £14.99 - H&M, fur-lined Reagan boots - £125 - Bertie

I've finally worked out how to use the timer on my camera and doesn't it make a difference?! I'm so pleased. It took a while to figure out the where to balance the camera (on the breakfast bar stool against a bottle of water), I still chopped my feet off a few times and I'd like to get rid of the kitchen tiles on the right hand side, but overall I think it is much improved from the iPhone in the bedroom mirror shots I was using before.

Outfit-wise I told you I'd be repeating variations of the Christmas knit over the coming weeks and months, and here's my second interpretation with added belt and leather. This Primark Fairisle knit was such a bargain, I think I will be stocking up on other colours and multiples too as I'm sure it will lose it's shape quite quickly, but for £13 you can't complain!


  1. Love this outfit that jumper is awesome and what a bargain xoxo

  2. I love this outfit!! I wish we had a Primark in the states :(

  3. Love your jumper!! I want a similar one;)!!

    Thank your for your nice comment:) I'd love you to stop by soon again:) Or follow me back, cause I'm gonna follow your blog:) I'm curious to see what comes next:)

    Hear from you soon, xxx <3


  4. Aw this made me giggle, I've had soo many camera balanced on top of various things moments since i've been blogging! Lovee the leggings(had my eye on them for a while!),and the fair isle knit looks much more expensive than primark :)