Monday, 26 July 2010

Primark, you have outdone yourself

There were some unexpected treats to be found in Primark this week. £11 will buy the amazing striped jersey maxi, a dead ringer for a £120 Acne dress. Exactly what I was after, but about three inches too short. Shame. What I did splash on though were these buckled boots for £15. Every retailer from Primark to Topshop to ASOS have done copies of these Opening Ceremony £325 buckle boots, but none I could find were quite right. These beauts fit the bill though, and were such a bargain.


  1. great shoes! iv been looking for the perfect maxi dress aswel! i read that you just started writing a blog! me too! check it out one day

  2. i am so in love with those shoes. id buy them in a heartbeat. great post!

    ps. check out, we're new and open to linking :)

  3. I saw these in store yesterday but they didnt have the black pair! I have the ASOS ones though which are my stay safe shoes that never hurt x x